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Ob prejemu častnega doktorata Univerze v Ljubljani Center za družboslovno informatiko in Katedra za družboslovno informatiko organizirata dva seminarja prof. Rubina, in sicer na temi kavzalnost (4.12) in manjkajoči podatki (3.12).

Oba seminarja boste na FDV, predvidoma v senatni sobi.

Profesor Rubin je sicer eden največjih statistikov današnje dobe - podrobnosti >>. Njegova domača stran je tukaj>>.

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Causality in Experiments and Observational Studies (4.12.2012 ob 16.00-19.00)

The first part of the lecture will carefully define causal effects using potential outcomes, and thereby view causal inference as a missing data problem. The second part will describe how to learn about causal effects in the simple setting of randomized experiments, using both Fisherian and Neymanian randomization-based methods, whose starting point is design. We will continue with a discussion on how to design observational studies to approximate randomized experiments, primarily using propensity score methods. In this part we will also address Bayesian or direct likelihood approaches which are needed to deal effectively with complex situations, even in randomized experiments with complications, such as noncompliance, unplanned missing data, or partially defined outcomes, such as hourly wages for the unemployed.


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