Novembrsko predavanje: Artificial intelligence methods in digital forensics (15. 11. 2019)

prof.dr. Andreja Tepavčević
source: Prirodno- matematički fakultet Novi Sad

Aims, activities and some preliminary results of COST Action CA17124 – Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices DigForASP, will be presented.

Digital forensics deals with digital evidence recovery and exploitation in order to solve criminal cases using sophisticated methods, examining fragmented incomplete knowledge, and reconstructing and aggregating complex scenarios. There is no established methodology for digital evidence analysis. This COST Action explore potential of the application of artificial intelligence and automated reasoning in the Digital Forensics field, in particular, in the evidence analysis phase, where evidence about possible crimes, collected from various electronic devices, are investigated in order to reconstruct possible events, event sequences and scenarios related to a crime.

Some preliminary ideas about potentials of fuzzy measure in forensics metadata analysis will be presented.

PredavateljProf.dr. Andreja Tepavčević, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Naslov predavanja:Artificial intelligence methods in digital forensics
Datum:petek, 15. november 2019 ob 12:30
Lokacija:IBMI, Vrazov trg 2, Ljubljana